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Name: Nerdo
Plurk: [ profile] nerdorama
Other characters played: None

Name: Dlanor A. Knox
Canon: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru
Overview: The anthropomorphic personification of Knox's Decalogue (ten rules for writing a fair-play whodunnit) who exists in Umineko's Meta-World as an agent of "Heaven". Though she serves the psychopathic detective Erika Furudo during the course of the story and her job is to "execute" Witches and other plot devices that don't fit into the mystery genre, Dlanor herself is a neutral and honorable fighter who feels pity for her targets and enjoys matching wits with the protagonist Battler - although that doesn't stop her from going a little bit nuts with battle frenzy. She fights with a red longsword representing the unalterable truth (such as the Decalogue itself) and a blue shortsword representing conjecture and investigation.

Enrollment Status: 10th Grade Student
Species: Angel (awakened fake-human)
AU Overview: Dlanor is an Angel which, in her particular case, means someone who comprehends and enforces the rules of the universe based on the dictates of higher levels of reality. Great, ancient Angels are responsible for enforcing things like the laws of physics or causality, but Dlanor is very young Angel who has not selected a vocation yet.

As an Angel, Dlanor's history is a bit confusing to mortals - she was "created" as a higher-dimensional concept around 1929 but was manifested on Earth as a physical being in 2000, so she variously gives her age as 15 or 86, depending on who's asking. She was brought up in a Catholic orphanage for most of her earthly life, believing herself to be a regular human, as part of the process of getting to know reality before being tasked with enforcing reality. She was well cared-for by the Church overall, but led a rather emotionally repressed life. Her greatest hobby was always reading, particularly appreciating genre fiction in general and detective novels in particular for having specific rules and order to them.

At the human age of 14, just before entering high school, Dlanor awakened to her true nature - and the nature of reality - and largely accepted it calmly. Being able to put things in perspective as part of a universal order is one of the advantages of being an Angel, after all. Her appearance changed little, and in ways that are generally accepted by people as hair dye and contacts - however, Angels are ageless, so she might have trouble getting a job in the future while looking like a particularly serious fourteen year old. Other than that, the only noticeable change within "reality" was a bizarrely mechanical obsession with rules and regulations, plus a switch to archaic vocabulary and weird speech QUIRKS. Until it comes time to actually settle an argument over rules, at which point she becomes extremely eager and scarily enthusiastic in pursuit of "defeating" the wrongdoer, usually in a Contract Duel where she can use her Angelic strength, durability, and swords of truth, rather than her rather short and frail human body. It's downright scary even for some of the faculty.

Naturally, as an awakened Angel, she chose to attend St. Augustus Academy for high school and largely stays there year-round, due to lacking an earthly family and trips to higher levels of reality not technically taking any time whatsoever. The Academy administration was quite happy to have an Angel student who would take rules and the enforcement thereof seriously with every part of her being. Dlanor is an honored (and feared) hall monitor in the middle of her second year of high school (10th grade). She's very compassionate outside her role of trainee referee of reality, but has difficulty connecting to people due to her intense focus and tendency to emotionally distance herself in her "work". She's currently considering the idea of enforcing supernatural secrecy as a career path, but hasn't committed to it yet.

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